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A Small Brooklyn Company Focusing on EdTech & Instructional Design
for neurodiverse students and adults

EdTech Services

Changing Edtech

Skjema LLC offers a range of private technical educational services for both in person and virtual learning. Services are provided to the NYC Tri-State area.Skjema LLC offers inclusive services and has focused on providing services to neurodiverse communities.


From Audio to Design

Private lessons are available for in demand media skills such as:Audio production/Podcasting
Graphic Design
Video Editing



Learning coding or game development helps with the development of transferable skills. Learning to create and design video game can help boost other skills like math & reading.Skjema LLC offers private in person and virtual gamified coding boot camps for all types of learners.


"Fast, reliable, professional. My go to for captioning and transcription services on big projects"

Business Services

Captions & More

Skjema LLC offers professional closed captioning services for businesses, content creators, and television.For consumers, we offer VHS/DVD to digital conversion along with video editing.


Closed Captions

Closed captioning provides the ultimate experience in accessible multimedia. With real-time text displayed onscreen, users can now stay connected to their favorite shows, movies, and more without worrying about missing a beat. Enjoy the convenience of having content that is universally understandable with no sound required. Closed captioning helps ensure everyone can understand what’s being said regardless of location or environment.


Video Convert

Preserve your memories without sacrificing quality with our DVD and VHS conversion services. We take your old analog tapes, convert them to digital files, and place them on a physical medium of your choice - be it a DVD or a memory stick. Our service guarantees no loss in picture or sound quality, so you can re-watch all your favorite moments without any worries! We also handle video transferring from PAL analogue systems to NTSC digital formats and vice versa.

And More


We offer a variety of worksheets for Educators and Families!



Educational worksheets are the perfect way to ensure that students learn and retain information. Our educational worksheets are designed to give students an organized format for gaining knowledge. With our creative designs, engaging questions, and fun activities, our worksheets help foster critical thinking skills and maximize comprehension. Our visually appealing worksheets can be used in both digital or paper form and make learning easier than ever! So why wait?

apps & Games


We will be breaking into the video game space with a range of educational games and apps! Subscribe to stay in the know!

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